Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blue Light

When i left from school today it was "blue light" outside as you can see on the picture.

When i took the picture a plane was landing on the Reykjavík airport. This airport is suppose to go away and the area where it is now, Vatnsmyri,(Water-swamp) has been recently the object of architecture / design contest. The winning project is the following one. This is not my favorite. They apparently wanted more a Scandinavian style like in Copenhagen or in Stockholm. I would have like something more organic like the actual Reykjavik or like this project, actually made by mostly icelanders working in London.

On the right of the picture you can see a part of Askja, the building of natural sciences of the University of Iceland. This is the building where i am studing and putting fews hopes for the future. This is a great building well design well thought... even is sometimes when i am in my office, i feel like a fish in a fish tank.

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