Sunday, March 30, 2008

Certainly the oldest parlement in the world

Here is picture that i took from the garden of the Icelandic Parlement "Aþingi" (althingi). It was founded in 930 in þingvellir (45 km Reykjavík) which make it the oldest parlement in the world. It was moved in 1844 and the building on the picture was built in 1881 in hewn Icelandic stone. On the picture you can see the old part of the parlement and Dómkirkjan, the official cathedral of Reykjavík. (In this case, size doesn´t matter). This is a very nice place to visit. Especially the garden by sunny days.

For prosteting, (like against the outrageous price of milk in Iceland) i would advice the other side.

Here is more picture of the Alþingi.


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