Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let´s go to the pool (Spring strikes back vei !!!)

Spring strikes back. Vei !!!!... kicking out winter.

Here is a picture of the biggest swimming pool of Iceland: Laugardálslaug. As you can on the picture. This is an outside pool. Most of the pool of Iceland are outside pool. Open all year long, those pools are warmed up with geothermal water. When i took the picture today it was about 7°c.

Warm day in Iceland. Sunny day in Iceland Vei !!!!

On the bottom left of the picture you can see one of the numerous hotpot that this pool offers. Hotpots are very popular places in Iceland. It´s kind of a social place. People go there and chat.

If you ever come to Reykjavík you have to go to the pool. This one is the biggest one and this kind of the best one. Nevertheless, there is one that must see. The oldest swimming pool in Reykjavik, built 1937 (will take few pictures).

Today´s bonus: Iceland "pop" band.

Merzedes club is a band that formed for the Eurovision contest. They compete with this song.

Few days ago they release a second song "Meira Fresli". The music video became the 8th most seen video on youtube.

This was today´s Bonus. I think the world should really discover this new Icelandic wonder....


Lori said...

thanks for sharing the pool photo! i visited there last summer -- your photo brought back good memories :)

Kris McCracken said...

Thanks for the stories and videos.

I think that I like the idea of the warm pool on a cold day!

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

Outdoor swimming all year in warm pools? I could almost deal with winter in such a setting.

Cissou said...

Bonjour Virgile !
Merci beaucoup pour tes photos !
Je me régale de ce petit rendez-vous avec l'Islande...
J'ai eu la chance de le visiter il y a quelques années en vacances et je suis pleine de nostalgie en revoyant, grâce à tes photos, ces paysages si fascinants. J'en garde un fabuleux souvenir !
Et j'aime beaucoup ce regard français sur ce pays... je te rejoins sur bien des points, ici de France... ;-)

Et quand à la piscine, je la reconnais bien, on était allé s'y baigné le dernier jour avant notre retour, nous avions bien profité tout le long de notre séjour des hotpots ! Que de souvenirs !