Thursday, May 8, 2008

The biggest parking lot in Iceland

This is a picture of the biggest parking lot in Iceland. Okay... one part of it. This parking lot is not situated in Reykjavik, it´s situated in Kópavogur, one town in the Suburb of Reykjavík. I would say, and pardon me people living over there...That Kópavogur have a small inferioty complex. Everything seems have to be bigger in Kópavogur. Bigger parking lot, bigger building (tomorrow´s post). Basicly they unfortunatetly sometime present themself has... the Manhatan of Iceland and there is even some people who dream that Kópavogur should be the capital of Iceland.. I personnally think that a bit sad. Kópavogur has its own place and competing with Reykjavík is a waste of time. Seriously people you have probably better stuff to do than trying to be the Manhatan of Iceland or competing for being a capital.

Anyway... a nice sunset....a dash of pollution and i think you have a nice picture.


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