Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back with the Silver

Iceland won the Silver medal for Handball from the Beijing Olympics. France won the gold one.. shame on you France. Here a picture of the celebration of the return of OUR brilliant athletes. Winning a medal for Iceland is huge. Iceland have won in Olympic history only 3 medals including this one. We are only a bit more than 313 000. This is huge for us. we would say in Icelandic...Til hamingju Strákar !!!

On this picture you can see .. the President of Iceland, the whole Gouvernment and the Icelandic Handball team.


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Cissou said...

Bravo l'Islande !

(Ceci dit, je suis quand même bien contente que ce soit la France qui ait eu l'or...)

N'était-ce pas contre l'Islande encore que la France avait déjà gagné un championnat d'Europe ou du monde il y a quelques années ?