Thursday, September 11, 2008

Icelandic Gold

This is Icelandic Gold...This is Lýsi...We don´t have mines but we have fish oils...Lýsi.

It is ery healthy and suppose to be a fountain of youth. Do not know for this last one virtue (not old enough for experiencing aging ;-) but it is sure good for nails, skin and hair and a lot of other stuff in your body like your inner beauty and you outter ones. Are Icelanders not known for their beauty ? We have had 3 Miss World in the last 50 years !!! Who did best ?

When i moved to Iceland. I wanted to do it a l´Islandaise... Well i thought though...So i took it liquid...This is simple Lýsi looks like oil... feels like oil in the mouth...but taste and smell... like old fish...a very smelly one!! I soon realized why Icelanders do take Lýsi as pill. Liquid...this is not good. I would not wish this to my worst enemy... Well i would....So if you ever take it...don´t do what you think Icelanders would do...Do like Icelanders really do...;-)

Nevertheless... this is very good.. take it !


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Marion said...

Funny ! Every morning, I take two of this king of pills (to take care of my immunologic system). But I'm not sure it's Icelandic oil : too BAD !