Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kilt invasion

Iceland is being invaded. Not by men in black... but by men in kilt... They are all over the place.
There is a football (soccer) match tomorrow evening between Iceland and Scotland...and it seems that the Scots have decided to take over the place. This is very funny to see all these men in kilt down town Reykjavik but i was a bit disappointed though... i have found out that they do wear something under their kilt. ( i wanted to have a spiced photoblog session) I was very disappointed to found out that this is just a LEGEND at least for the one i have seen today. Maybe i will save the mystere tomorrow... For now... a happy Scottish man. Good luck for tomorrow !


10th of September. Addendum: They are not all wearing underwear´s. What i could not get, a female journalist could !!! click on this link.


Barbara Rahal said...

mm interesting invasion!

Kim said...

Love this shot! But, I contend that if there WAS any "mystery" involved, that the fellow's form of dress was inauthentic and considered by him to be a costume of convenience. A lot of guys in Seattle wear traditional and "Utilikilts" and on occasions when the breeze has been up, there was not much mystery. :-)
Seattle Daily Photo

John said...

Scotsman - they get everywhere.

Ackworth Born said...

Fact is the real answer to what is under the kilt is

anything they &*((^^&$U^ well want which could be nothing or a lot.

Sharon said...

The Scotsman I've met have all be on the "nothing" side. I've found it's always fun to ask, you never know what will happen next.