Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Local Stars vs A Local Place

I went to a concert. One of my favorite band VoxFox. A promising vocal band. (click on the band´s name to hear a bit of what they are doing.) During this concert, they had different guest. among them was Páll Oscar. Páll Oscar is a musical UFO in Iceland. The gayest star on the island...and one of the best local one. Okay his style my be a bit kitsch but this what make it so good is that this is so unexpected. Here is few example of what he has done recently.

During the concert he has shown how versatile he could be and pulled out the two songs above (after few arrangements) in a complete other direction. It was calm, audacious and personal.

Anyway, it was very interesting to hear that 2 different kinds of artists could meet and have there way together.

Other artist guest were also there. Kristjana an intriguing jazz singer and Monica a bewitching harpist.

The concert was also marking the re-birth of Café Rósenberg. About a year ago this Café burned "to cold coal" as we say in Iceland, and is now re-opened in a new location. This is one of the only place in Reykjavík. One of the only bar that offers good live music in Reykjavik and last´s night concert was one good example of the whole potential of this place.

You should go there.


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