Monday, September 1, 2008

Racing ?

There is geese everywhere down town Reykjavik. I am sure they are here to challenge us !!!



JM said...

Here we have pigeons everywhere! I think geese are much more funny! :-)
You have very nice pictures on your blog!
Greetings from Lisbon.

Dina said...

hey, my 4 year old who is sitting on my lap whilst i am looking at your blog is worried. 'mama is the bird going to get squashed by the cars?' where is it coming from? make the picture big so i can see it well ............

Burd Zel Krai said...

how funny!
i just saw ming's NYC post today on grey goose vodka and started thinking about the origin of that name. then i came across this photo!
cool shot - i don't think i've ever seen birds roaming the streets here in SF.

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