Thursday, October 2, 2008

Burning House

This is the House of the parliament. Alþingi in Icelandic. There is right now a meeting inside in order to try to find a solution for actual economic crisis. The Króna, Icelandic curency is falling and is reaching new depth days after day...Everytime that we think that we reached the bottom...we find a way to go even deeper !!! Anyway... One bank has been nationalized at 3/4 th (my bank :-).

I do believe that this is just a huge bump on the road and that we are gonna be fine. Some people starts to panic a bit and think that we are fucked...well....As would say my officemate...Icelanders are the strongest in difficult... So we do need to touch the bottom to shine again

There is some protest planed on next saturday. I don t think this is a good idea to protest for example against the gouvernment right now... (and this comes from a French man professional protester and ex-strike leader).

This is like everywhere else i guess a big buzz in the media and all radio and tv channel have their experts who all say opposite stuff...Today they were anouncing possible shortage in food supplies and in gas...One of the biggest oil compagny declared that we only have 30 days left of oil...headline in the media....Then the ministery of economy anounced that this is no true and that we have at least 3 months of supplies quaranted same for gas.....

Anyway let´s hope that WE are gonna find a solution and that we will be once again fine !


ps.. By the way.. if you want to invest money in Iceland.. this is the time.. the króna is worth nothing and it can´t get worst !

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