Monday, November 10, 2008

Finally some protest ?

The last couple of weeks some protest have been taking place in Reykjavik. The manifestants mostly protest against the Gouvernment and the director of the Central Bank of Iceland, Davið Oddsson. The good people of Iceland are asking for the demission of the gouvernment and new election . Even if i am also pissed of with the Gouvernment i think this will be stupid to do elections now and it will only bring political instability which the country does not need now...Let´s let them clean up the mess and then let´s have elections ! I was also surprise by the kind of people who were protesting...I was use to protest a lot in France...not to say that i have a small experience on the matter... but i do not think that Icelanders are doing this the right way... and i am surprised by the kind of people who are protesting such as bleached haired teenagers throwing eggs and pseudo alter mondialist people who protest to protest...Been there done that...

Anyway here is a picture of the Icelandic parlement, Alþingi covered in eggs...milk.. chocolate milk and skyr*

* an Icelandic dairy speciality