Thursday, March 13, 2008

French drug-store

This is a photo taken on the 13th of march 2008.

This is the best bakery in Reykjavik... and i would say in Iceland. Sandholt, on Laugavegur (the main street in Reykjavik). It opened in 1920 according to their website. In this bakery you can find the best cakes and chocolates in town and let´s be nice.... the best in Iceland...As a french man i need my fix of croissant and pain au chocolat. i need it.. just need it... i can´t help it... I have tried a lot of bakery in Iceland and the only one selling good croissant and pain au chocolat is this one...and they are getting better with time...the same with baguette...

I am not going to start to make the list of the numerous bad pastery that i had to face in Iceland.. this would take too much time...and remembering so much pain would get me depressed.

The only thing that cause me a bit of pain is the price... for a croissant or a pain au chocolat or a baguette...Me as a french man think this is expensive and i think that i should get a discount on it... Indeed this is not an exotique stuff for me... this is basic consumption....this is one of my basic need... thus there is nothing exiting or exotic about it for me... thus is should be .. cheaper for french people...

If you ever make it to Iceland .. go there.. and get yourself some nice stuff. They are also selling chocolate for the only Chocolatier in Iceland and this is excelent.

Gonna go there and get my fix of frenchitude...


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