Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One thing Icelanders can´t do

There is many thing Icelanders know how do to good...There is one thing the whole nation is not able to do....Park Correctly... Starting by ..shopping cart ! (i will soon make a post about how Icelander fails daily in the art of parking a car...). Icelander are simply not able to park them

In the country where i grew up, once you are done you shopping in food store... once you are done with the shopping cart... you put back where its belongs.. with the other shopping cart...In the country where i grew up we are very ordered.. the shopping cart has to be at its place waiting for its next user. Most of the time... they are even chained like slaves. You even have to invest money in it to get them to service you. France is a country con-shopping cart

Here in Iceland... they let shopping cart to be free .. outside... in a organized non-ordered way. If you go at closing time, its like going to a ballet show...The shopping.. free after a long day of labor.. servicing clients... they wheel free on parking lot.... sometime with the wind as a dance partner. Sometimes, one of them is bravely escaping the dancefloor and end up its choreography against a car under the amazed gaze of drivers.

Iceland is a country pro-shopping cart.


lv2scpbk said...

There's a cart site I have on the side of my blog called Cart Abuse. You'll have to check it out.

Natalia said...

Hi, i dont know you but i live in Reykjavik. I was checking your blog = very interesting. Regarding shopping carts - actually i think there is a point of not doing this! Cz we create job places for those people who collecting it all over the parking lot. And if we would do that - they wouldnt have jobs.