Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In Iceland Size does matter

In Iceland, size does matter... as a matter of fact... it seems that the whole country is full of Size-Queen. Here in great Iceland big toys rules. Here is a picture that i have taken by an early morning in the main street of Reykjavik. This is an Icelandic automobile. In any other country this car would be of a normal size.. but here... as i have said.. they like it big...Thus huge tyres are used to make car higher / bigger. Huge SUV and Jeep are very common in Reykjavik. Even if people don´t really need it because indeed there is road in Iceland and when you live down town Reykjavik... well a jeep is not that useful...But still there is plenty of those...I guess Size-Queen rules in Iceland.
This is a bit funny though... there is theory / fact in natural sciences such as biology, geography, etc. This is the island theory. On an island, you are supposed to find smaller thing than on continent due to the lack of space and food supplies mainly. this goes for animal spaces, plants and so on. There is a rule. Smaller space.. same species ... in smaller...This rule definitively not apply in Iceland. The exception that confirms the rule ? I do think so

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bitingmidge said...

Your island is smaller than my island, but I don't think I've seen a bigger truck! (Even on the beaches where 4WD's seem to go mad with tyres)

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