Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yellow Limbo

This is a picture that i took this morning when i was waiting for the bus.

Public transports in Reykjavik are an adventure by themselves.
Today i have bravely decided to take the bus to go to school...Bravely i say. The bus system in Reykjavík is terrifying, horrible, scary, inappropriate, terrible and even sometimes dangerous !!!
So this morning i decided to take the bus. There is one leave 400 meters from my home and going directly next to the building where i am studying/working at the University of Iceland. According the the website of the bus company.. the bus was suppose to show up at 8.50... it show up at....9.30....Which only make it late... of what 40 minutes....Seriously... usually i don´t mind waiting a bit outside... you can do a lot of stuff such as ordering your stuff, taking pictures, listening to music etc. etc...This morning, it was a snow storm, very wet one, with the snow immediately melting on the floor, and it was very cold....Thus i have spend 40 minutes freezing my balls off waiting for the f(word) bus...When it decided to finally show up, i went in and express my unhappiness about its late arrival... the very old guy driving told me..."i know i am late but there is no hurry"...No hurry... Where do i start ?

I can´t wait for more sunny days to come and start to bike again to school !

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