Monday, April 14, 2008

"Bonne Bouff " 1 : Ísbuðin

I have decided to make a week dedicated to food.
Here is the first entry.

There is many treasures in Iceland. Finding them is very hard and it appears to be a challenge when it concerns food. Gastronomy in Iceland is in bad shape. Not because they don´t have one. (They have one REALLY) but because there is an invasion of "foreign food". Almost every restaurant in Reykjavík propose burritos...unfortunately this is very popular... and local stuff are replaced by it. I recall one restaurant down town.. who had the most amazing Iceland fish and chips...Fresh fish... fresh hand cut potatoes... fresh salad...They replaced it by burritos...soaked in what seems to be a Japanese barbecue sauce...

I don´t have anything against a small exoticism...don´t mistake me...

There is so many marvellous foods to enjoy in this city. The one of today is the Ice cream store on Hagamelur. (Ísbuðin on Hagamelur.. you can´t miss it). This little store serve the most amazing Ice cream in the country (from my humble point of view build on many hours of tasting...the second best can be found in Akureyri, in the North).

Okay.. it doesn t seem to be wonderful .. the neon like light.. the colors.. But be aware... Hidden treasures are... as their names says.. hidden...
This little store... who look in the inside like the inside of a fridge propose Old Ice cream... this is just milk & cream...This is simply delicious and not expensive.

This is a very popular place. The picture has been taken at 23.00.. and when i went to get my weekly shot.. euh sorry Ice cream.. i had to wait for about 30 minutes...It was a line starting outside..(cold and windy...). But that so worth it. As you can see on the picture.. there is a lot of people.

This is a very popular place for teenagers. Hanging around.....

Going there to pick up ice cream there when you are on a date is like.. going to Mecca...Believe me ! If you ever come to Iceland.. and If an Icelander propose to you...Ísbíltúr(Ice Cream car ride.. typical dating stuff in Iceland..)...He or She might have some idea in mind....Just say yes and enjoy the ice cream.

If you don´t have a date... and you are just with your friend...this is like being in Babylon... Get whatever you want... and as much you want (did i say that the portion were gigantic? for a small price?)

If you are alone and you don´t like it (for any reasons)... well just go there...Just do it... This is scientifically proved.. Ice cream on Hagamelur makes people happy...(it works better than all the comfort food of the world).

To word about the people running this store...they are just... extremely nice (and they make very good Ice cream which make them super extra maxi nice).

This is just a real feel good place !

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