Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Bonne Bouff IV" Where to re-balance your Blood/Coffee ratio

People usually drinks a lot of coffee. Long time ago, people needed God(s) to get through their daily work (slavery?) routine. God(s) was/were kind of an exit from work. Working hard in mortal present time (thus paying a lot of taxes to churches, temples, local gurus etc... in order to reach holiness and happiness in future immortal times (A.k.a after people died of exhaustion).

I am sorry to announce that workers fired God(s) long time ago and today rely on caffeine input to get through their day and most important to reach heaven.

Think about it. What would be your day without coffee ? How would look like your Monday morning ?

So many things that coffee would do that God can not do.

Reykjavikingar (people living in Reykjavik) believe in coffee. They should more believe in good coffee. There is 2 firms of coffee more or less running the country (I am not going to mention them). They usually plays on the third-world-itute of their coffee and the fact that they are so "green" and independent. The truth is far from it and their coffee is becoming (my humble opinion) worst and worst. (Sorry corporate coffee makers people but using Chemical ice-cream chocolate sauce in Mokkas dragged you down. ). They also lost their smiles and charm on the way. I know that serving coffee all day long to addicts is not the best job in the world and that people working over their had other dreams when they were good children, but a dash of smile in your coffee is good.

The place that i am gonna talk about today is not that kind of place. Over there you get the real stuff. This place is fortunately situated just next to the Ostabúðin, so once you are done eating you can get a good coffee their.

This place is quite little and is run by a group of young charming lady and gentlemen that not only give your daily shots of caffeine but also a smile.

Unfortunately the "portion" is quite small and if you have an average addiction to coffee you might want more...but what is quantity when you can have quality ? and smiling people ?

For your caffeine fix in Reykjavík, go to kaffi felagið on Skólavörðustígur, next to Ostabúðin.

So many things that a smile would do that coffee & God together cannot do.

Addendum: To give you an example of what they served today for lunch in the Ostabuðin from yesterday´s post.

Fish of the day: Cod and Puffer fish with feta cheese salad and foie gras sauce.

This is just an example.


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photolicious said...

Bonjour, comment vous preferez votre cafe? I like mine with 100% hot full-cream milk (lait entier) and generous scoops of coffee powder. I'm beginning to hate those instant coffee...but it's difficult to boil milk in my office! Any suggestions? :)