Friday, April 18, 2008

"Bonne Bouff V": Where to get dirty

We are Friday. I have been good all week. Eating fresh fish, delicious ice cream and good coffee...Well it´s time to get a bit dirty. I might be french and very picky on food, but i have need and on Fridays i let my need submerge me. I embrace them. That´s why today we are going to have burgers.

There is this place by the harbor (among other place), where they make the best burger in Iceland : Búllan. They are just delicious. Just delicious. They are fresh, affordable and not industrially processed. Every time i went there, there was some small variation in the menu/taste of the burger. They have for example a veggie one that never taste the same. No worries to be disappointed, It all time taste better than the last one you had.

The place look likes a dinner, but you don´t judge a book by its cover. This is a very cool place. People working there are very cool and i have to say... as a "end of the week treat" or just because you have the munchies.... just go there. They HAVE what you NEED.

The people running this place are very smart. In their concept they took in consideration the "food guilt concept": More you eat more you feel guilty.....Especially when talking about that kind of food....Well no worry in this place serves reasonable portion thus NO GUILT !


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