Friday, April 25, 2008


Here is a mountain of Kokomjólk...
What is kokomjólk?
This is an Icelandic dairy chocolate drink and this excellent.
Since the price of milk has raised, the dairy company try have started some kind of Operation Seduction. Making huge piles of Kokomjólk is one of their weapon. This is a very good one. I almost felt for it. This pile was higher than me (i am 1.80) !!!

Kokomjólk is kind of an institution in Iceland. This is excellent but slightly addictive. Once you get one... you usually want two and then its too late... you ruined your diet because this is pure Icelandic milk which is the opposite of fat free. Anyway this is very good and when you have hard week a Kokomjólk is a blessing. It is good and it might remind you your childhood... This is like Proust and its madeleine.

Have a good Week end.



Abraham Lincoln said...

I have found your blog post today very interesting. I like chocolate milk but from your narrative I gather this is a bit more than regular chocolate milk. Interesting post.

• Eliane • said...

Ah, la madeleine de Proust... I have a feeling that it would go very well with a bid glass of kokomjólk.
Do you drink it cold or hot? And... is it Belgian chocolate at least? ;)

Virgile said...

you can drink it hot if you want but the best is to drink it cold.