Monday, April 28, 2008

Flying over the Summer

Here is a picture that i have taken when i was having a drink with some of my friends on Saturday afternoon, down town Reykjavík. This plane from the inland company Flugfelag Islands (the Icelandic Association of flight), flew just over us. It is probably going in the north of the country to some local exotic place.

The local airport in just next to the city center and a lot a questions have been raised recently about its actual location and if it should stay or not where it is. (the city wants mainly to make a bunch of money by selling the ground.... this is one of their first motivation...but hush hush)

I love to have this airport here and i especially love to hear the plane flying over. They make a special noise that i think is totally enjoyable. It also make me feels that i am Reykjavik is a metropolis don´t know why...but it does...

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Sir Ronald Dupont d'Pompadour de Barboun de la Baboon, the third said...

Reykjavik is the worlds smallest
metropolis. Remember that.
It isn't a village.
Mighty Reykjavik.

Reykjavik: Heimsins smæsta stórborg'

Ísland! Bezt í heimi!
{Batman theme song}