Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Today´s special

Icelander could be know for their drinking habits... they should be for they capacity to adapt. History has shown that they have the balls for facing tuff times and painful event like ... a volcanic eruption, danish domination, losing Eurovision every single year. In difficult time, Icelanders have been able to stand and face their not so bright present and embrace their too dark future. Icelander are brave.

The picture of today is one more proof of their bravery. The economic situation in Iceland is becoming kind of worrying...the Icelandic Kronur has lost a lot of its value, the price of oil is mining the economy. It is plane that the price will soon raise of 20% (it has already raised a lot). Anyway...Iceland will adapt and survive even if we have to start to grow potatoes again and eat carbs...We will survive ...this is Darwinism.

Recession is here and we will make it thank to restaurant like the one from today´s picture who don´t fear to step up and fight recession!!!



Kris McCracken said...

Perhaps by encouraging people to sing for food, Iceland might somehow uncover a future Eurovision champion!

Virgile said...

That would be one more proof that Icelanders are able to face adversity and make the "best" out of it!!