Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Icelandic way of parking

As i have said before...Icelanders... know how to do good.... and as i have said there is one thing that the whole nation is not able to do. Parking. (reader of this blog beware...i am a car-parking freak..Your car must be correctly parked...parallel to the walk way not to far to not disturb traffic no to close to no disturb walker...If you car is not....remember what happens between the grumpy french man and badly parked cars in "2 days in Paris"..Beware).

This picture is one more proof that Icelanders don´t know how to park. They simply don´t know. why did the driver pursue to park there This way...When there was spaces all around. Why did the driver decided to push all the way to the top of this little mount of snow ?

I have two theories for interpreting the situation introduced by the picture.

The first one would be:

With 230 000 cars for about 310 000 inhabitants, It is very important in Iceland to own a big car and to show it in order to stand up from the crowd. That´s explain the big jeep and the way to park. This driver is very much standing out of the crowd. I guess i am just a face in the mob with my well parked little car

The second one would be a more creative one.

The driver in the car is making an art performance. The driver is expressing the pressure of the automobile in Iceland symbolized by the little mount of snow covered by dirt in our time of global warming and economic recession....

oooh cut the crap...
Icelanders only believe private cars and with 230 cars for 312 000 inhabitants, Iceland apply with passion the famous saying of Margret Thatcher "If you have to take the public after the age of 25 your are simply a failure of life". Expect that in Iceland the age limit is unfortunatly 17...



photolicious said...

Oh hey hello, nice to see a daily blog on Iceland...finally! How's life over there? Is it a good country to migrate to?

photolicious said...

And by the way, regarding your post on milk costing 100 KN in Iceland...that's cheap! (C'est marche!)

A Singapour, le prix du lait est S$2.60 = 140 KN! Mais helas, j'aime boire du lait, donc meme si c'est cher, je l'aimerais!

Virgile said...

This is a very nice country to live in.