Thursday, April 3, 2008

Geese and the City Hall

Sunny day in Reykjavík. The spring is definitively here and this feels so good... Not that i like the long and dark Icelandic winter... but after a couple of months of darkness and snow.. this is nice to have a bit of sun. Reykjavikingar (inhabitants of Reykjavík) are not the only one to enjoy the sun...Geese also do :-)

On this picture, you can see the Reykjavik city hall. One part of the building is on the lake situated down town Reykjavík. There is an impressive number of birds on this lake, mainly geese and swans. It takes a lot of bread and warm water especially during winter to keep those birds here and alive. Indeed, during winter, for keeping one a small part of the lake free from ice, there is a pipe injecting warm water. Warm water is not an issue in Iceland, as you can guess.

The grey geese on the picture are very common in Iceland and in Reykjavík. They are also very greedy. Used to be stuffed with bread, i find them quite aggressive when it comes to food. They don´t only recognize the hand that feed them, they also want to bite it.

In other words... i have risked my life to take this picture ( i didn´t have any bread on me and was very close to the beasts.




Destitute Rebel said...

Nice picture, welcome to the CDP Family.

photolicious said...


Vous etes de France, et parlez-vous Francais?

Virgile said...

Je suis Francais mais j habite en Islande depuis presque 4 ans maintenant.

babooshka said...

How low were you to get this. Great phtoto.

Annie said...

Hello Virgile, I imagine you were down on your belly when you took this photo. It is my first time to visit your blog and I have had a wonderful time looking at your photos and reading your comments. Parking, hah! Carla Sarkozy, non! But what beauty there is in your country. I want to come there and see firsthand.