Monday, April 7, 2008

Warming Guest

This is where the Icelandic President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson and the First Lady Dorrit Moussaieff live. The place is name Bessastaðir and this just outside Reykjavík, on a peninsula. As you can see, you can get very close. I was very close.. so close that i could see that one of the window on the second floor was open and i have seen what kind of shampoo is probably using Dorrit. I don´t want to make any publicity but i just want to say that Dorrit, elle le vaut bien :-)

A warming guest, Al Gore was visiting today his great friend the president of Iceland, the great Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson and his even greater wife Dorrit Moussaieff.

Al Gore came to Iceland to make a presentation about global warming at the University of Iceland (It doesn´t mean that it was full of student... turn out to be the place to be seen... and i am quite disappointed to the fact that the University of Iceland is turning into a pseudo fancy must be seen there party place for investment banker that doesn´t have anything to do with global warming...Simple phew !!!).

I was quite amazed to see Al Gore makes a small speach for the news, explaining that he is a great friend of Ólafur that he probably calls Óli in intimacy and that they have worked a lot on project together to fight global warming. He also explained that Iceland was one of the leading country in term of fight against global warming... double phew!!!

I am not contesting at all that they are great friends. They can do whatever they want during their free time... But Iceland... one of the leading country in the fight against global warming... triple phew !!!

Ok...we might get a good grade for energy producing because of the geothermal energy...but saying that we are a leading country is simply wrong. Iceland is not a clean country. Not at all.. I am sorry to disappoint all of those who considers Iceland as a green and natural place... This is not.. Icelander have a very low environmental concern. Pollution management in Reykjavik is almost nonexistent. There is a system for detecting pollution... and they use it to give warning alert for people with asthma . There is no system telling people to not use their car to reduce pollution.

Reykjavik ( the bay of smoke translated literally in English) is nicknamed the smokeless city...Because there all time wind... Wind that blows exhaustion gases away...

With 230 000 cars for 312 000 inhabitants... Iceland is far away of being a clean country. A very limited number of people use public transport in Reykjavik. A lot among us.. drive 4 wheels cars and lives down town Reykjavík.

There is (was) an hydrogen project...There is even few buses working on hydrogen... Nothing more.. Hydrogen cars are ready... Norway is using a lot of them.. Nothing in Iceland..

Recently ... down town Reykjavik..Has been installed electric born for electrical cars with special parking spot for them...You can count electrical cars in Iceland on the finger of a hand..Okay this is a beginning and i salute the initiative... Every time that i walked by those parking places...They were occupied by badly parked bug 4 wheels..

Iceland a clean country ? don´t think so...Reykjavík a green city ? Certainly not. Iceland has a lot of work to do on the subject and Reykjavík city has to work a lot on its green-itude.


Per Stromsjo said...

A local White House, no doubt! Interesting to read news from the bay of smoke... ;)

photolicious said...

Hey wow, the Icelandic president is so humble! He's staying in such a small house compared to other presidents in the world who want to show off their wealth. I respect the Icelandic president!

Virgile said...

The Icelandic president has several houses... there is one down town Reykjavik... I will take a picture of it

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