Friday, May 2, 2008

Office of the forgotten Object

On my way to the gym this morning i noticed something that i find extremely intriguing....There was a pair of female shoes abandoned next to a light, on a parking lot. Here is a picture of it

Is seems that people in Reykjavik have a tendency to abandon object such as shopping cart or hiking shoes. Here is another picture that i took last Sunday on another parking lot in Iceland.
Or this one on a rock...

There must be something that i don´t get there.....



• Eliane • said...

I don't know about the baby shoe but the others are intriguing. In New York, you can sometimes find shoe(s) handing from electric poles in the street. I have heard that this can represent a place where someone was hit by a car, or something related to gang territory. Obviously I am not sure what it really means but it is not very funny.

The shopping cart reminded me of a exhibition in SoHo last year. The artist had photographed abandoned shopping cars in diverse habitats. I thought it was amusing the way he presented it. As if it was a species "en voie de dispariton".

Hyde DP said...

The first sounds as though the lady found herself too drunk to walk home and ditched her uncomfortable shoes. The second suggests the shopper had bought some new boots and abandoned the old ones.

B said...

I know what you mean.
I´ve only been in Iceland two months and a half and I already have a selection of photos of abandoned objects; hand lotion, toothbrushes, gloves, shoes, coffee thermus cups, etc.

It truly is a puzzeling matter.