Monday, May 5, 2008

Going Icelandic

Okay, that might not be the least attractive post i have done and people reading this blog might expect something different... from a daily photo blog... Like... old buildings... interesting places, exiting events and so one...

Today .. this is Monday and you are gonna have cat food and read about it...

Monday sucks We all agree on this.....Why should i give you good food...Well you are gonna get genuine Icelandic cat food

Today i went my weekly shopping in this supposedly not expensive store that is Bonus...(i am not gonna start an outrageous post about the price of food in this store.... but just want to say that they are buying the tomato 37 % cheaper than in January and they are sold 53% more than the price of January...Do you get it ?)

When i give my weekly contribution to one of the richest man of Iceland, I usually buy stuff from Iceland. All my veggies, my fish and as much stuff as i can. I am great food nationalist. I am just like this. I can´t even think buying vegetables who are not from Iceland. I think this is just they make they grow in Netherlands for example. The Icelandic one are more green and clean... and most important by buying Icelandic i am supporting the Icelandic economy..which by the way need a bit of help lately.. believe me

Today I have found out that Iceland is actually producing...Cat Food !!! Yes...!!

(Finally i would say).

I was totally amazed and over exited by the idea that my cat could actually eat Icelandic product....I am a very down to earth guy... Nothing amazed me....exept when this is my birthdayI was also amazed to think that there is some Icelandic company brave enough to produce that kind of food... for cat....What are the potential of market for cat food in Iceland ? In a world ruled by Wiskass and Frikies that must be hard Good luck to them....Anyway.. i was really pleased to buy Icelandic stuff for my cat.

One very good about it is that this is only fish in it.. just fish... nothing more...And they propose three kinds..Salmon, Trout and Cod and Cod Liver....and when you look at the composition it look better that what human usually eat.... just a bit of conservative.... nothing more...with all the chemical we ingest....that would be good to go on a break from all those chemicals....and Icelandic cat food might be the solution...hummm Ymmmyyy!!

Enjoy this cat food and if you see it in your local store..please buy it.. your cat worth it and most important Iceland need it.


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Hyde DP said...

From what I saw, the cats of Reykjavik are well loved and looked after. I met one called Cleo (after the singer Cleo Laine)