Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Challenging Holiness

At 74,5 m, Hallgrímskirkja is the tallest building in the country. Too often mistaken for the Cathedral of Reykjavík, which is not the case...(here is a link from a previous post where you can see the cathedral of Reykjavik... on the right.. the white building).

Its actually under renovation and its seems that mankind is trying to challenge holiness.

This is very common mistake when people visit Reykjavik...Mistake relayed by most of tourist guiding book. Hallgímskirkja is not the cathedral. But that doesn´t make it less beautiful... and for a non believer in that kind of place I think this is one of the most beautiful church that i have ever seen. This extremely peaceful and there is no pain and guilt liking on its walls. This is just calm and classy. It almost make me holly.

Apparently the church needed some fixing. It didn´t notice that it needed some cleaning.

This is very impressive to see the installation in front of the church. Especially when you stand down the hill the church his....It seems that the whole stuff is just gonna fall down. Hopefully it will not happen. Hopefully.



Kris McCracken said...

So no skyscrapers in Reykjavík?

Ackworth Born said...

Being so prominently situated the Hallgrímskirkja is easy to take a photograph of.

The Cathederal is very hemmed in so hard to take a clear picture of it.

Strange to see the former encased in scaffolding.