Monday, October 6, 2008

Don´t try this at home / Banana Crisis?

I know that we are in a "small" Crisis...and that Iceland is on a very bumpy road (WE WILL BE FINE)...I know that the crisis might mean less quality and maybe less products available in stores. Some stores in Iceland even dramatically annunced that they will be a shortage of food, and that the store´s shelf might be empty within 30 days....(soon

But do Icelander have reached the point to buy anything in store... just in order to have food? or in Other word...How much crap stores are willing to sell just in order to make money during theses "hard times"?

I was having few guest for coffee and i had to go to a store on sunday. A store that is suppose to be a Top one.. with products of better quality... this is still a supposition.. They usally have the same product as in other stores.. but more expensive.... Anyway...

Here is a picture of the banana that they are selling in the store....!

Seriously...Those banana have been the lowest price possible.

We in Iceland produce banana. We are the only European country to produce banana on its own territory and this thanks to geothermal energy. From no .. i am only buying local stuff.

i do not want to seems picky. I know that "vintager" bananas can be good with a bit of jams are even some Mars or Snickers metled on it. I am the first to do it at home when i have some banana who are crossing into the dark side... But i am not willing to buy them in the store in an advanced stage of decay ! Would you buy this ? Something that you cannot see on the picture was that these banana were aslo dry and the one under had a bit of mold....How long does it take at your home to have a banana that is brown, dry and moldy ? would you eat that?

I am a bit fed up with certain stores in Iceland, that are doing anything in order to make money. That are willing to creat mass panic "There will be no more food in store in 30 days.. Start to store food" just in order to take advantage of the situation It worked.. people went to stores and bought stuff...Is there less stuff on the shelf today ? No !



JM said...

When it comes to money, it's allways the same everywhere!...
Oh, by the way, Portugal also produces banana at Madeira island (which, in fact, is perfectly normal due to its subtropical climate, nothing to be compared with Iceland sophisticated cultivation) :-)))

Virgile said...

Our Banana are more fancy :-)

My Life In Montreal said...

Where do Iceland imports fruits from?

Virgile said...

mostly from compagnies like Chiquita. A lot of apple from new zeland lately... Basically Fruits that have made a too long journey !

Ming the Merciless said...

I read about the economic situation in Iceland and am intrigue so I'm stopping by your blog to say HI.

Am enjoying reading it thus far. Great photos, BTW.

Blogger said...

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