Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We are all right winged Bolchevik !!

Today you are gonna have a grouped photo and a small insight of the Icelandic financial situation.

Has everyone has probably heard, Iceland is in trouble...Our finances are not so good...To not say that we are on the edge of a major financial disaster. Yesterday the Prime Minister made a statement on national television explaining the situation and describing what was exactly going on ,(financial crisis) what was exactly happening (financial crisis, fall of the Icelandic currency) and what was going to be done.

Last night, Alþingi (Althingi) voted special law that gives power to the Government to intervene and/or take over banks and financial group as they did this morning with Landsbankin, the second bank of the country.

Anyway it came as a choc for most Icelanders. Unfortunately, they have been obliged last night to face the whole naked truth. This is very good thing and i think that admiting that we have a problem was the first steps toward recovery.

Today has been agitated. First Icelanders learnt that the second biggest bank of the country got nationalized. Second, the króna started to raise. (both due the Geir Harde, Iceland´s "right now" hard working Prime Minister last night speech, and the special laws voted by the parliament last night). Third they learnt that financial help was on its way from Russia..Yes...es i have said Russia...who was "for sure" loaning us 4 billions euros not in order to inject to compagnies who are sinking but for restoring the" in case of emergency national fund" and boosting the trust into the Icelandic Króna. Proudly, the director of the Central Bank of Iceland anunced the terrific news this morning.....Plunging the Nation into a "Sovkozes sugared with Mafia/Ex-KGB" spin...Well i have to say... i immedialty thought about sending few people to the Goulag.. i even made a list...

My hopes vanished away rapidly when the Minister of finance of Russia officially annunced that Russia did not loan any money to Iceland also causing the Icelandic Króna to replunge.

Most of us got worried with a possible russian investement. especially when our Prime Minister that some of our traditional friends turned their back on us and that thus we need to make new friends...Aka..Russia...When most of us thought about dirty money and how much could be accurate the popular saying "money does not have any smell", I immedialty thought about what could be our soviet futur... all i foresaw was Kolkoze, Sovkoze and Goulag (the last being a wishfull thinking)... i also saw bad fashion but this is another subject...

Did the Icelandic right winged party revealed their Bolchevik soul ? Did ultraliberalism got red?

After this awfull day i decided to take a break and to meet my danish friend. On our way downtown saw several sights of our soviet futur..First of all a rainbow with roost from the Russian ambassy... then when sitting in the coffee house we found an ad on a newspaper for loans (totally appropriated for the moment) giving choice between Lada and Hummer....Who needs more signs ? Well i have more in my bag... Then the man who gave us our coffein shot of hope, revealed a prophetic tattoo...

i am now sitting at home and i wonder...Was i right ? I do think so :-)

Today i was thinking to just post the picture in the middle because i think that right now "this is Damm good to be a banker" and make a very sarcastic comment.
I decided to spice it a bit.


P.S: Do not worry about Iceland. WE ARE GONNA BE FINE.


Babzy said...

i really like your comment about the situation ;)

My Life In Montreal said...

I saw a couple headlines about Iceland...we're all on the same boat.

www.niamhphotography.com said...

thanks for sharing the details of the situation. the credit crunch isn't leaving any one untouched. great photo, by the way.

Babzy said...

Non , je ne suis pas en Islande en ce moment ,ce sont les photos que j'ai prise pendant mon séjour cet été fin juin début juillet ...Mais je reviendrai !

Anonymous said...

Oo kolhoz, gulag... Russia is not like USSR