Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Icelanders Are Not Terrorist

I wanted to do this post for a long time but i haven´t had time to do so. Please Read it.

Iceland and Icelandic interests have been put and still is on the same list as terrorist organizations. Prime Minister Geir Haarde declared to the Times on the 3rd of November: "We're still on the list — in the wonderful company of al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Sudan, North Korea, Iran and a number of other entities — where we do not belong," Here is the link to the Times

Icelanders have started to resist and try to respond to the attack. Officials have made numerous interventions. A web based petition have been created on the following web site

Nearly 75 000 people have signed the petition. Please do it too !

This is an outrage. Iceland has never perpetuated any terrorist acts and is not planning to do so. We do not even an army and our policemen do not even carry guns !

The United Kingdom and Gordon Brown took advantage of the financial crisis to acheive their on political agenda.

The situation in Iceland has not improved much since the beguining of the financial crisis because of this terrorist classification. This is for example extremely difficult to transfert money in and out of Iceland One of the reason is that we are being classified as a terrorist organisation and no one wants to trade with us.

By using anti-terrorist laws voted after the september 11th, UK´s gouvernment has made is illegal and unfair and there was NO JUSTIFICATION for it. This could happen to anyone or to any country. If this has happened to us... this could happened to us

For more information go to this website. This is the petition "Icelanders are not Terrorits"

On the website there is also plenty of Picture of Iceland with pictures similar to the one that i took today.

This is a good cause.

I would like to ask you to take a similar picture if possible and to post it on your city daily Photoblog and to give the link to the website. If you are not willing to take a picture, just post the link and write few lines about the situation. This would be great.

Thank you very much



Tanya said...

How awful...I have never considered Iclanders to be terrorists. We never hear about you on the news here, so that's a good thing!

Lislandais said...

salut Virgile
je suis scotché par cette info
j'ai le sentiment que peu de gens sont au courant
j'ai signé la pétition et suggéré à mes "amis" facebookiens d'en faire autant
A bientôt
Chouette blog que le tien :)

Phillipians 2:5 said...

When i read about this the first time in the paper somewhere- I was shocked. What right does Britain have to do this? This is just an excuse, a cover up because they cant solve their own financial problems the need a scapegoat... besides why do all the people have to suffer under one fate? the people in charge made the financial choices...and this financial meltdown was not caused by Iceland... but by the global economy failure.. which hit Iceland more deeply then other countries.

Snapper said...

This is a very simple but very powerful image. Thanks for posting it.

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