Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pick your fight....Pick your time

Women´s Emergency Government !

There is protest in Iceland and it seems to me that a certain number of people are trying to help to fix the situation. Political leaders, writers, journalists.. feminists....

With the risk of being accused of sexism, i found the last one quite peculiar. The idea has flourished the last couple of weeks. Women are not responsible for the crisis, they were not the boss of the bank (however they were working strategical position that also lead to the situation, and for some of them, became today the new boss of the bank....mediocrity pays afterall). They also say that the measures taken during this crisis are mainly securing males´position in society...etc...

Last saturday they dressed the status of Jón Sigurðsson, figure of the indepence of Iceland (would like to point out that they did it with the help of a useless man -they did not succeed to do themselves.... not so useless after all... not so useless...)

I would like to say....
Pick your fight....Pick your time.

First of all...why pink ? There is nothing more sexist than this color...Feminists.. you are wraping yourselves in one the thing that has been used to drag you down. Many studies (sociological, psychological have demonstrated the use of pink to control and drag down people... from little girls to convicts !!! google it)

I understand the fight of feminist s on many scales... work, salaries, right equalities., violence... i am all for it...But is it not crossing the line to start to do that kind of discourses? Why do you promote one form of sexism ? Why not start to promote racism in that case?

I was thinking to create an Gay Male Emergency Gouvernement...Well well what about this ? No Gay Male in the Gouvernment ? No gay boss of a bank ? and we are the very first victim in it ? Who would you fire first ? the mother of 2 or the childless fag one ? (It´s actually more or less happening). We are the victim in this story ! Our rights will be once again drag down for the benefit of straight people !

Gay Male Emergency Gouvernement -Power- Gay Male Emergency Gouvernement -Power- Gay Male Emergency-Power- Gouvernement Gay Male Emergency-Power- GouvernementGay Male Emergency Gouvernement-Power-Gay Male Emergency Gouvernement-Power-Gay Male Emergency Gouvernement

I just wanted to point out what i think is an absurdity !

And if we were the boss we sure do it with taste and style :-)

Pick your fight....Pick your time!



babooshka said...

I hate pink - and I'm woman. I agree pink is purely sexist and they don't hep there cause.

Virgile said...

"I hate pink - and I'm woman. I agree pink is purely sexist and they don't hep there cause."

2 thumbs up !!!

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