Tuesday, December 2, 2008

They also do it on mondays !

Monday was the day of the Icelandic Nationhood. People once again took the occasion to protest...Once again i have to point out the peculiar way Icelanders do have to protest...Once again they were throwing food. After the sempiternal skyr, tomotoes and cabbage, Monday protestants granted the house of the government with be ready Gorgonzola and filet mignon. If you do prostest in Iceland you apparently must do it with style and good taste. Note that on the picture, birds seems to really enjoy it !

Here is few pictures of the protestation.

Note that there were even pirates among the protesters ! masked people , anarchists., teenagers...and anti European Union people....Not gonna start to talk about it...This is getting pointless

I still do not agree with the protest. I think this is a way of running away from the problems. Insteat auto-proclamed intelectuals and well educated people leading those project should start to work on real economical-industrial-financial solutions and build up projects. Instead of standing by the microphone and scream how unfair is the situation and blaming authorities, life and the others for it. Make you own self analysis and move your ass. built somehting Where were you when it started to go bad in the beguining of the year 2008? what did you do to prevent it? Did you take loan in foreign currency to go shop in tenerif or build a buisness? How many time have you maxed your visa card on the last 5 years ? etc... etc...

Start to propose real stuff and act. Drop down the protest sign, get a pen and paper and get to work !


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