Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Silver Boy

For those who have some inside in Iceland popculture..Páll Oscar...Iceland queerest star just released a best of , of his songs... SilverSafn...get it !!!

For those of you who does not know who is Páll Oscar...Shame on you ! There is other forms of culture than bacterias ! Here is link to one of my past post on Páll Oscar...

the picture has been taken Saturday afternoon..While some grown ups were protesting in front of the parlement...The little ones were at a free concert for the release of the best of Cds. The average age for this party was... around 5 !!! I find it amazing !!!
Páll Oscar is a musical UFO... i would say that his fan base is quite gay...but children loves him too.. that´s must be the shinning outfits ! Anyway...some could be scared that he might turn his public gay.. well.. shit happen :-) and for worried people are more happy than straight ones :-)


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Maria said...


Nice photos and blog.

I'm not sure if anyone is able to help me, I am looking for the brand name of really nice hair bands that I saw in a store in the main shopping street in Reykjavik (but stupidly did not buy). It was an icelandic brand and there were several colours and styles. If anyone knows the name of the shop or the brand, please leave a comment!

Many thanks,